COVID-19: Monitoring status lifted from seven southern islands

The Health Protection Agency (HPA)’s monitoring status has been lifted from seven islands in the north.

Ha. Baarah, Dhidhdhoo, Hoaradushi, and HDh. Kulhuduffushi, Kurinbee and Sh. Funadhoo were earlier put on HPA monitoring due to positive COVID-19 cases linked to the island. Health Ministry’s Deputy Minister Thasleema Tuesday said the islands have now been released after contact tracing procedures were completed.

Residents of an island under monitoring cannot leave their homes except for essential needs. Even in the event a person steps out of their homes, the use of a face mask is mandatory. The schools of islands under monitoring will also need to be closed until the status is lifted, while cafes and restaurants cannot offer dine-in services. Sports events and gatherings will also have to be cancelled, and entry and exit from the island will be restricted.