Kaashidhoo - Gaafaru cable car project not feasible: Planning Minister

Housing and Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam has responded to Kaashidhoo MP Ahmed Jabir’s allegations that the ministry is obstructing development plans intended for his constituency.

During the last parliamentary election, MP Jabir pledged to link Kaafu Gaafaru and Kaashidhoo via cable car. During November last year, the MP had announced that an Italian company was conducting a feasibility of the proposed project.

Housing Minister Mohamed Aslam attended Monday’s parliament session to answer questions regarding the development of a harbour in Ga. Kolamaafushi. In the opportunity granted to MPs to direct additional questions at the minister, MP Jabir asked the minister why the government was opposing the proposal to link Gaafaru and Kaashidhoo via cable car.

Responding to Jabir’s inquiry, the minister said the project is not feasible in any way and that such a project will not be undertaken under his ministership.

“I do not believe it is feasible to link Kaashidhoo to any place via cable car. The citizens must be aware that such projects will not become a reality despite forceful assertions. It is not an acceptable project under any circumstance,” said the minister.