Over 1,200 guest house beds currently in operation

Over 1,200 guest house beds are currently in operation, statistics have shown.

The Maldives closed its borders to tourists earlier in March as a precautionary measure against the COVID-19 pandemic. While tourist resorts and local guest houses suspended operation since then, the government allowed local guest houses to resume operation on October 15.

Statistics published by the Tourism Ministry show 1,210 guest beds were in operation in the first 15 days that have passed since guest houses were allowed to resume operation. While 49 guest houses have reopened across 13 islands, most beds are in operation at K. Maafushi, with 548 beds.

The figures show 41,766 tourists have visited the Maldives since the country reopened its borders in July. The total number of tourist arrivals for the current year is now at 424,613.