One arrested in connection to alleged kidnapping

A person has been arrested in connection to the alleged kidnaping of a local businesswoman.

The police on Tuesday said a 31 year old local man has been arrested under a court order in connection to the case. However, no further details were provided.

31 year old Shirumeena Aboobakuru was reported as missing on Sunday. Shirumeena, who owns a local shop, had gone to buy supplies for her business in the afternoon, and had not heard from since then. She was found nearly 24 hours later when she walked back to her place of residence on her own.

A family member who spoke to the media said Shirumeena was kidnapped, and the kidnappers had demanded a large amount of money to be paid to them for her to be released.

The person said Shirumeena was assaulted while she was held by the kidnappers, and had suffered blows to her face, and received injuries to her waist. She is experiencing difficulties in walking due to her injuries, said the family.

The family said the kidnappers demanded an amount between MVR 20,000 to 25,000 for her release, and had threatened to kill Shirumeena if the family failed to pay the ransom.