Airports to be established in three islands

Maldives' Transport Minister has announced plans to construct airports in three islands.

Speaking on a program aired by state news agency on the occasion of the government’s second year in administration, Transport Minister Aishath Nahula said airports will be developed in M. Muli, Sh. Bilehfahi and B. Thulhaadhoo during the upcoming year. The establishment of an airport in Muli will realise the administration’s goal of having airports within a distance of 30 minutes from all regions of Maldives, said the minister.

The minister also noted that the development of two airports, Maavarulu Airport and Kulhuduffushi Airport were completed and brought to operational status during the first two years of administration.

The government had previously announced that the development Madivaru Airport would reach completion by April, and Hoarafushi Airport by August. While the development of airports are still in progress, Hoarafushi Airport will reach completion this month, said the minister. Madivaru will also reach completion and be opened by the end of the year, said the minister.