MTCC provides updates on Komandoo, Hanimaadhoo harbour progress

Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) has provided an update on the development of harbours in Sh. Komandoo and HDh. Hanimaadhoo.

The development of Komandoo harbour was awarded to MTCC on August 6, 2019. The project includes dredging and excavation, a 12m breakwater, 20m revetment, 90m quay wall, 11m by 11m ramp and interlocking pavements. It also includes installation of 10 mooring blocks, 2 navigational masts and 19 harbour lights. According to MTCC, 95 percent of the work has now been completed, and the installation of light posts is currently ongoing.

MTCC was awarded the design and build of HDh. Hanimaadhoo harbour upgrade on 24th September, 2019. The project includes dredging and reclamation of an area covering 53,523 cubic meters, construction of 335, breakwater, 90m of groynes, 270m of quay wall, 50m of revetment and 2583 square meters of pavement. The project also includes the installation of two-arm streetlights, a ramp and mooring buoys. MTCC said 26 percent of the work has been completed until now, and that additional material required for the project was received on December 11.