'Privileged Maldives' holds special event for local musicians and artists

‘Privileged Maldives’ on Saturday held an event in which special opportunities were extended to local musicians and artists.

Privileged Maldives is an online business platform which promotes local businesses by creating an international presence and by providing benefits to local and international customers. The platform encourages upcoming new talents in all horizons.

Privileged Maldives on Saturday held a special event where local musicians and artists got the opportunity to perform with renowned Indian musician and filmmaker ER Vinay. Vinay has worked in the Indian film and music industry for over 17 years.

A large number of local artists participated in the event including Ahmed ‘Zolo’ Humam, Hassan ‘Zakitte’ Irfan, Shalabee Ibrahim, Moosa ‘Kokky Ishan, Abdulla Hisaan and Shifa ‘Shifoo’ Ibrahim. Famous singer, Ibrahim Ali, better known as Kuda Ibbe also performed alongside Vinay as a special guest at the ceremony.

Speaking at the event, the Chairman of Maldives Society of Performing Arts (MSPA) and former actor Mohamed ‘Dharaa’ Rasheed thanked Privileged Maldives for facilitating such an opportunity for local artists. He also announced MSPA’s plans to conduct special training programmes for the development of local artists.

Privileged Maldives will be conducting auditions to discover local talents under its corporate responsibility program. Sunday’s event was a good opportunity for up and coming talents to prepare for the auditions.

Privileged Maldives aims to host former Mister World, India’s Takur Anoop Singh in the upcoming future. Anup will visit businesses listed as partners of Privileged Maldives, including fitness centers and will meet with those working in the entertainment industry.