No evidence to prove money laundering allegations against Maldives Gas MD

Maldives Police Service has stated that it found no incriminating evidence against the Managing Director of Maldives Gas, Shazail Shiyam with regard to the money laundering activities alleged to have taken place within the company.

Shazail was suspended from his post during October 2019 after a complaint was filed against him on the 'Whistle-blower Portal' established under the President's Offices' 'Zero Tolerance to the Corruption' policy. The corruption allegations against Shazail were investigated by the Anti-Corruption Commission, but the graft watchdog failed to find any evidence against him. Although the allegations against him were not proven, ACC then raised money laundering allegations against him and forwarded the case to the police.

Similar to the corruption allegations, police were unable to find any evidence that incriminated Shazail and failed to prove the money laundering allegations against him. Therefore, the case has been filed, said the police, although the police did not say when the case was closed.

While a year and five months have passed since Shazail was placed under suspension, the company was being run by Deputy Managing Director Ikram Ali since then. However, after new cases of corruption came to light, Ikram resigned from the post.