New regulation allows bugging for investigation purposes

A regulation under which a suspect's home or vehicle may be bugged for investigation purposes has been enacted.

The Regulation on Special Tactics for Investigations gazetted by the Home Ministry on Monday states that six special tactics may be used for investigation purposes. This includes installation of cameras and listening devices which can capture the movement and audio of a suspect in their homes and vehicles. The regulation states that the video and audio may be recorded.

The regulation further states that a suspect's movements may be monitored for investigation purposes. Additionally, any information obtained through fostering an acquaintance with the suspect may be used for investigation, it said. Information collected via the suspect's use of telecommunication devices may also be used, it further said.

As per the new regulation, the police may conduct sting operations to catch suspects red-handed in circumstances that call for a specific investigation tactic to be used, which is permitted under the law. It also states that persona tactics may be used for investigation.

Approval must be obtained before implementing any of the six tactics. The approval to implement the tactics must be issued by the Commissioner of Police, Assistant Commissioner or any other officers of a higher rank. A court warrant is required for the implementation of the tactics.