Fifteen arrested in recent drug raids in Male' and Hulhumale'

The police have made 15 arrests in recent drug operations conducted in Male' and Hulhumale.

According to the police, six local men, aged between 21 and 37, were apprehended during an operation on the 9th of this month. Upon searching the premises with a court order, 37 rubber packets containing suspected drugs and two film canisters with drugs were recovered from the apartment. Following their arrest, two suspects were remanded in custody for seven days, three for 10 days, and one for 15 days.

An additional nine individuals, comprising eight men and one woman aged between 19 and 29, were arrested in an operation conducted in Hulhumale the same day. Four cellophane bags and four rubber packets containing suspected drugs were seized during the search of the premises. Among these suspects, one person was remanded in custody for three days, while seven were remanded for seven days. One individual has been released.