215 kg drug bust: Identities of suspects released

The police have released the profiles of two arrested in a recent drug bust in which 215 kg of drugs were seized.

In the operation carried out on Friday, the police arrested Ali Shakir, 42, from R. Maduvvary and Nimal Abdul Haris, 33, from the same island. They have been remanded in custody for 15 days.

In the operation, the police seized 215 kg of drugs from an uninhabited island in R. atoll. Although the police did not give further details regarding the island, AVAS has learnt that the drugs were discovered in Lhaanbugali island of Aa. atoll.

While 215 kg of drugs have been seized, the police on Wednesday seized 100 kg of drugs as part of the same operation. The police arrested ten individuals, out of whom two have now been released.