Ministers provide update on Alifushi projects

The government has given an update on projects being implemented in Alifushi island of Raa atoll.

Inguraidhoo MP, Hassan Ahmed recently requested the Health Minister and the Planning Minister to provide in writing, updates on the progress of projects being carried out in Alifushi. Health Minister Ahmed Naseem and Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam's answers were read out loud during Wednesday's parliament sitting.

MP Hassan had specifically inquired regarding the hospital construction project in Alifushi. He asked when the design stage will be completed, and when the project will be mobilized.

In his answer, the Health Minister said the drawing and BOQ of the 30-bed hospital has been completed. In order to implement the project under a USP model, foreign contracters have been assigned, and the relevant framework agreements were signed on June 30, the minister said. Currently, administrative formalities are ongoing, he added, noting that the construction of the hospital is expected to begin during the last quarter of the year.

MP Hassan had also requested information on when the construction of Alifushi Airport would commence.

In anwer to the question, Planning Minister Aslam said the dredging work for the project was contracted to Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC) on September 1. He noted that it would take approximately six months to complete the project's Environment Impact Assessment (EIA) and the design phase of the airport.

Since the dredging work will be carried out by Mahajarraf, MTCC's dredger, the dredging work will be scheduled according to the vessel's availability, said Aslam. Therefore, a specific date on which the physical works would commence can only be determined after the EIA and the design work is completed, he added.

An area of 50.5 hectares will be dredged for the airport project.

In response to Hassan's inquiry regarding the Alifushi Road Development project, Aslam said the island's water and sanitation is currently in progress, and that the road development project will be implemented after the water and sanitation project is concluded. While the water and sanitation project is expected to reach completion during the second quarter of 2022, the road development project will begin only after that even if the project is contracted this year, said Aslam.