Man who disrespected Quran remanded for 10 days

The man who spat on a Quran at Ibrahim Mosque in Male' City has been remanded in custody for ten days.

The perpetrator, a 40-year-old local male, identified as Hassan Ziyad, was previously arrested and released on two occasions for urinating inside mosques and in front of the President's Office. The man was handed over to the police for spitting on the Quran by mosque attendees. When he was presented to the Criminal Court to decide on his remand, he admitted to committing the act.

The presiding judge declared the man a danger to society and further noted that he had a criminal record. He, therefore, ordered the man to be held in custody while an investigation was carried out. His detention will be reviewed after ten days.

Although the police have previously said Ziyad has mental issues, the Gender Ministry Monday said further assessment confirmed no psychological issues.