Pakistan's national carrier to commence direct flights to the Maldives

Pakistan's national airline, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), will be commencing direct flights to the Maldives.

PIA's CEO, Arushad Malik, confirmed the decision to Pakistani media.

CEO Arushad said PIA would be commencing operations to the Maldives, Australia, and Hong Kong. PIA is also preparing to begin flights to Turkey's Istanbul and Thailand's Bangkok. However, he did not provide information on when the flights would be launched.

Although Maldivians do not frequently travel to Pakistan, several Maldivians study in the country. Some Maldivians also travel to Pakistan for business. Flights between Maldives and Pakistan are currently routed through Qatar's Doha or UAE's Dubai. Direct flights between Pakistan and Maldives would significantly reduce travel time between the two countries.