Pres Solih officially inaugurates Madivaru Airport

Commercial operation to Madivaru Airport commenced on Friday. The airport was officially inaugurated by President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih at a special ceremony held at Madivaru.

Speaking at the ceremony, President Solih described the inauguration of Madivaru Airport as a a joyous occasion for the people and resort operators in Faadhippolhu Atoll. He envisioned that it would accelerate the socio-economic development of the atoll. He noted that it would create new jobs and aid in the promotion of tourism in the region, for resorts, guest houses, and homestay facilities alike, in addition to other economic activities.

The new airport was developed by Kuredu Holdings Pvt Ltd and would be operated by Island Aviation Services Ltd. President Solih highlighted that the new airport was fully equipped and urged the airport operator to provide reliable and quality services to the residents and tourists visiting the atoll.

Continuing in this regard, President Solih reaffirmed his commitment to continue the development of domestic airports within 30 minutes of every inhabited island. He also noted that the developer of Madivaru Airport is currently preparing for expansion, which would see it develop into an international airport.

The Madivaru Airport is equipped with a 1200-metre runway and can accommodate four aeroplanes at a time. The airport terminal also comes with an 80-passenger VIP lounge. The Ministry of Transport and Civil Aviation today presented Island Aviation Service Ltd with the aerodrome certification for the airport.