Building productive generations necessary for progression of society: VP Faisal

Vice President Faisal Naseem on Thursday stated that the role of educators is principal in building productive generations of youth necessary for the progression of society, especially for a small nation like the Maldives. He made the statement after officially inaugurating the Ministry of Education’s "Principals’ Scholarship Scheme."

Speaking at the ceremony held at Iskandhar School, the Vice President reiterated the commitment of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih and his administration to education sector development and strengthening the quality of education, especially through developing infrastructure and training human resources. Noting that professional development opportunities for educators had been sparse up till now, he emphasised the significance of ensuring the continuance of such professional development programmes made available today.

Defining principals as team leaders responsible for educational institutions, Vice President Faisal Naseem urged them to exhibit effective leadership by listening to their faculty and students and promoting coordination and cooperation. He then went on to highlight some of the administration’s efforts to identify and address the concerns and issues facing schools across the country.

The Vice President assured that the administration is working towards addressing the concerns and challenges facing the education sector. He also extended his admiration and gratitude to all education sector staff for their dedication and hard work. During the ceremony, the Vice President handed over award letters to principals who received scholarships under the new scholarship scheme.