No immediate plans to develop an airport in Kaashidhoo: Minister

Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam has said the government has no plans to develop an airport in K. Kaashidhoo. The minister disclosed the information in response to a question asked by Kaashidhoo MP Abdulla Jabir during Wednesday's Parliament sitting.

In Wednesday's session, MP Jabir said President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih had announced that an Integrated Resort Project would be carried out in Kaashidhoo. Therefore, he said an airport is essential for Kaashidhoo when such a project is implemented, with Kaashidhoo being an island that lies isolated.

In his response, the Planning Minister said there are currently no plans to develop an airport in Kaashodhoo. However, whether an airport will be developed in Kaashidhoo or not is a good question if an integrated resort project is to be carried out on the island, he said.

'We do not know how much traffic there will be when development comes. Whether people will travel from Male' to Kaashidhoo via airplane- this is not something we have thought much about,' Aslam said.

Minister Aslam said he did not believe developing an airport in Kaashidhoo was feasible at this time.

Developing an airport in Kaashidhoo was a pledge of MP Jabir in his campaign for the parliamentary election. At the time, he shared the airport's proposed design and said he would build a 1320-meter long and 30-meter wide runway, a 60-meter taxiway, and a 45-meter apron at the airport if the government permits.

Jabir has met with Kaashidhoo's Council and officials from the Transport Ministry to discuss a potential airport development project.