Road linking Hoarafushi and airport to be removed

The road linking Hoarafushi Airport and Hoarafushi island will be removed.

The decision to remove the road comes as the effects of the extensive erosion issues faced by Hoarafushi island continue to reach the airport. The airport's runway received significant damage due to erosion on the island.

Instead of the asphalt road, a causeway will link Hoarafushi and the airport built in the island's lagoon. The work has been handed over to Maldives Transport and Contracting Company (MTCC). The company is working with the Planning Ministry to design the causeway. MTCC is preparing to begin the practical work of the project in June after the design stage is completed within a month.

Hoarafushi Airport was constructed for MVR 198 million and opened on November 19, 2020. During May last year, heavy rain and wave surges caused part of the airport's land to erode, and sand sediments collected on the runway. Flight operations had to be suspended for over a week. The airport's insurance had also expired when the incident occurred.

Following the incident, the government contracted the construction of a revetment wall along both sides of the airport runway measuring up to 2,861 meters and establishing a drainage system for MVR 90.5 million.

The Environment Impact Assessment for the airport was conducted by Hoarafushi-born MP for the constituency Ahmed Saleem's company. Although the former government intended to develop the airport in Ha. Maafinolhu, the current administration, changed the plans to build the airport in Hoarafushi. This is the first airport constructed by the current government.