Vaccine services resume at Villimale' Hospital

Vaccine services have been resumed at Villimale' Hospital.

The hospital temporarily suspended vaccination on May 27 after it surfaced that expired vaccines had been administered to children. At the time, the main government hospital IGMH, which runs the Villimale Hospital, had said the matter had come to the attention of the hospital and the Health Protection Agency (HPA) and that it was being investigated as a serious matter.

IGMH said in a statement on Tuesday that it had concluded the investigation on the administration of expired vaccines and taken necessary measures to ensure that no such incident occurs in the future. Vaccination will be resumed at the Villimale' Hospital from Wednesday onward under the supervision of the IGMH in accordance with the Health Protection Agency (HPA)'s guidelines, the statement said. However, no details were shared.

IGMH had earlier said the staff involved in the incident had been suspended. However, the number of suspended employees and the duration of their suspension were not disclosed