Econ Ministry signs MoU with RDC

The Economic Ministry has signed an MoU with the Road Development Corporation (RDC) to conduct an apprenticeship program based on a list submitted under the COVID-19 Emergency Income Support Project.

The MoU was signed by State Minister Neeza Imad on behalf of the Economic Ministry. RDC's Managing Director Moosa Ali Manik signed the agreement on behalf of the company.

The program offers apprenticeship opportunities in 14 fields. Allowanced will be given to RDC's 65 trainees during the course of the program.

The Economic Ministry said the program aims to provide assistance to overcome the difficulties faced by the country's labor market due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The ministry said the main objective of the program is to provide the training and experience needed to enter the job market.

The Ministry of Economic Affairs has already signed MOUs with several companies to run the apprenticeship program. These include large companies such as HDC and MTCC.