City Council to develop Vilimale' Beach area to modern standards

Male' City Council will be developing the Vilimale' Beach area to a modern standard.

The project was announced by the council at a meeting held with Male' constituents held Tuesday.

Announcing the project, Mayor Dr. Mohamed Muizzu said the beach area in Villimalai is already used by many people and that the area will be developed to cater to the needs of beachgoers and picnickers. Drawings of the proposed development plan of the beach area were presented at the meeting.

As per the plans, ten rooms will be constructed in the area to be used as day rooms. A barbecue area and a wheelchair access point for those with disabilities can do "water therapy" off the beach will also be constructed. In addition, a special gate will be installed to access the area, and seating will also be provided.

Muizzu said the majority of the project would be completed within the next six months. Although the completion of the day rooms is slightly delayed, they will also be available for use very soon, he said.

The meeting also inaugurated the commencement of Police Constabulary Service in Male' City, as well as the installation of security camera systems in mosques in Male' and Villimale'.