MQA to take action against institutes that violate regulations

The Maldives Qualifications Authority (MQA) has threatened to take action against higher education institutions that conduct programs in violation of the standards set by the authority.

The MQA issued a public notice stating that it has been receiving complaints that some higher education institutions were conducting programs authorized by the authority in violation of relevant standards and program accreditation regulations.

"In this regard, programs that are not approved for e-learning delivery modality are being advertised under e-learning delivery modality. This action is in violation of Regulation No. 2022/R-77 'Program Accreditation Regulation'," the announcement said.

The MQA added that the authority would investigate such practices and take action in accordance with the Maldives Higher Education Act and the Program Accreditation Regulations. Programs that violate the program accreditation regulations will not be accepted by the authority, and the consequence was being made publicly known for the potential harm such programs could cause to students and the public, MQA further said.

There is an increase in the number of institutions offering higher education courses in the Maldives, and competition among the institutions has increased significantly. Some centers that offer their services in accordance with the laws and regulations have complained that some institutes offer programs in violation of the law in place.