Over 7,300 applications submitted to 'Gedhoruveriyaa' portal

Over 7,300 applications have been submitted applying for land and flats being allocated to the people of Male' City.

The government opened application for the land and flats on June 26. One thousand plots from Hulhumale' and 2,000 plots from Gulhifalhu, and 4,000 flats from Hulhumale' will be issued to Male' residents under the 'Gedhoruverin' scheme implemented by the current administration.

The Planning Ministry has launched a special portal to facilitate applications for land and flats under the government's 'Binveriyaa' scheme and 'Gedhoruveriyaa' scheme. The portal is designed to allow the applicant to make changes to the form until the deadline for applications for land and flats expires. Once the application is submitted, the portal will provide notifications, SMS, and email on the status of the application.

Conditions to be met to apply for land:
- Applicant must be a Maldivian citizen over the age of 18
- Agreeing to give up property that may be received through inheritance
- Should not have received housing from a basic housing scheme
- Should not have a property in the applicant's name that is larger than 600 square feet in the Greater Male' Area
- Agreeing to give up any property in the applicant's name that is larger than 600 square feet
- No land in the application's name should have been given or sold to any person

The deadline for applications for the land and flats is August 26.

Plots of three sizes will be allocated under the 'Gedhoruverin' program. The maximum plot size for an individual is 1,250 square feet, and 400 square feet will be added to the minimum size for each additional person in case of joint application. A total of 4,000 square feet will be allocated if the application is submitted jointly by more than seven people.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih announced that 2,000 additional plots would be issued to Male' residents from Giraavaru Falhu in the presidential statement delivered at this year's Parliament opening. However, the government has not undertaken any efforts to dredge the area thus far.

Planning Minister Mohamed Aslam had earlier said the recipients of the 3,000 land plots would be finalized within the next year, and the land registry would be issued to them the same year.

"I have no doubt in my mind that within the next year, we will be able to choose the recipients of these 3,000 plots of land and give the land registry to the rightful owners," Aslam had said.