Thirty-eight people identified from leaked videos: CP

The Commissioner of Police, Mohamed Hameed, has said 38 people who had homosexual relations with Bangladeshi national MD Alamgiri have been identified thus far.

MD Alamgiri filmed himself having homosexual relations with a large number of Maldivian men, including politicians, businessmen, and government employees. While Alamgiri has now been arrested, the videos are still being leaked.

Answering a question asked by AVAS, CP Hameed said that although some reports say over 250 people were videotaped having sexual relations with Alamgiri, the number is not accurate. The investigation has thus far identified 38 people, he said.

The CP said the information posted on social media on the identity of some of these people are inaccurate. The CP asked the public not to spread such false information.

"So far in our investigation, we have not come across any video or photo of a cabinet minister, I assure you that," the CP said.

The CP did not deny AVAS' question that a man accused of having sexual relations with Alamgiri had left the country. Hameed said action is being taken against those accused in the case and that court orders are being sought.

"The process of identifying those involved and taking action against them is underway at various stages. Therefore, we cannot say when the investigation will be completed. Once the cases are completed, we will send them to the Prosecutor General's Office for charging," Hameed said.

Earlier on Monday, the police disclosed that the passports of 18 people involved in the case had been seized. The police said as soon as the identities of the people in the videos are verified, the information is shared with their workplaces. Based on the information shared by the police, the agencies have now suspended some employees and dismissed some.

Among those arrested for allegedly having sex with Alamgiri are Parliament Speaker Mohamed Nasheed's brother Nazim Abdul Sattar, former MP Mohamed Nasheed (Col Nasheed), and an officer of the Police's Drug Enforcement Department. A senior advisor at the Centre For Holy Quran has been sacked, and a Parliament staffer, Customs employee, a teacher, and an imam are among those placed under suspension.