Dhidhdhoo housing project awarded to SJ Construction

The construction of 75 housing units in HDh. Dhidhdhoo has been awarded to a party.

SJ Construction Pvt Ltd was awarded the contract at a ceremony held at the Planning Ministry on Wednesday. The Planning Ministry's Director General Ahmed Vishan Naseem signed the agreement on behalf of the ministry, while SJ Company's Managing Director Mohamed Shahid signed the agreement on behalf of the contractor.

SJ Construction will design and build the housing units. The project is expected to be completed within one year. The value of the project is MVR 120.4 million. The project will be funded from the PSIP budget approved for this year.

The Planning Ministry said 75 two-story raw houses of 700 sqft would be constructed in Dhidhdhoo. Each housing unit will have three bedrooms, three bathrooms, a living room, kitchen, dining room, laundry, and a store room.

In addition, the row houses will receive a lot of natural light to make a comfortable environment for the residents. A park will be constructed for recreation and a special area for parking will also be constructed..