JP leader to assist in developing F. Nilandhoo

Jumhooree Party (JP) leader and Maamigili MP Qasim Ibrahim met with F. Nilandhoo Women's Development Committee (WDC) and announced his intention to provide assistance to the development of the island.

In the meeting with Nilandhoo WDC held Friday, Qasim inquired regarding the committee's current efforts toward island development and ongoing projects. During the meeting, Qasim assured WDC members that we would assist in some work geared towards the island's development, including the development of a volley court and a beach area.

Qasim has previously provided assistance in the development of Nilandhoo. Nilandhoo Council President Ali Ahmed and WDC President thanked Qasim for his services towards the island's development. A plaque was also presented in recognition of his services.

Qasim's wife and Transport Minister Aishath Nahla visited Nilandhoo late last year to increase party membership. During the visit, Nahla and the JP team also met with the Nilandhoo council, WDC, and other officials.