Scholarship agreement signed with Japan's JDS

A scholarship agreement has been signed between Japanese Guarantee Aid (JDS) and the Higher Education Ministry.

The agreement was signed at a special ceremony held at the Ministry of Higher Education on Thursday by Minister Ibrahim Hassan on behalf of the ministry and JDS Resident Representative Moto Taki.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Minister said that the country's higher education sector is being expanded day by day under the presidency of President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih. The government is doing a lot of work to provide loans for higher education, establish TVET centers in different parts of the country and provide financial assistance to study abroad, he said.

The scholarships offered by Japan provide opportunities for study in three main fields. These include environment, climate change and disaster management, and economic and industrial policy. The selection process for these scholarships will be carried out by the scholarship provider.

The scholarships include Master of Public Policy, a Master of Public Administration, and a Master of Arts in Public Policy. In addition, a Master of Arts in International Relations scholarship is also included.

The requirements for the scholarship include being between the ages of 22 and 39 and having a Bachelor’s degree. The applicants must be civil servants or permanent employees of an independent institution. Two years of work experience is also an eligibility requirement.

JDS offers one or two-year programs. The scholarships will be announced later this year.

The JDS scholarships are awarded by Japan to provide assistance to the Maldives' human resource development. Thirteen students are currently studying on the scholarships being provided by JDS since 2020.