MNP declares itself an opposition party

The Maldives National Party (MNP) has officially declared itself an opposition party.

The MNP was registered and included in the Register of Political Parties on October 25, 2021. Since the MNP began operating as a political party, it was not made clear whether it was an opposition party or a supporter of the ruling coalition.

The MNP made it clear that the party would work as an opposition party that holds the government accountable at the party's first National Executive Council held Wednesday.

While MNP has been officially established as an opposition party, three MPs represent the party in the Parliament. The party has also announced that it will contest the 2023 Presidential Election.

The MNP has been contesting in recent local council elections and women's development committee elections. The party also contested the Komandoo Constituency by-election held earlier this year. Therefore, the MNP appears to be a very active party in the political arena.