Total street value of seized drugs over MVR 489 mln

The total street value of drugs seized by Maldives Customs in the past four years is over MVR 489 million.

According to customs data, 216.21 kg of drugs were seized in 131 cases from 2019 to November 16, 2022.

Statistics show that most drugs were smuggled in through post mail and courier. In this regard, drugs being smuggled into the Maldives were seized in 70 such instances. Drugs were also seized in 57 cases of attempted smuggling of drugs in passengers' luggage by air.

Customs said attempts were also made to smuggle drugs as air cargo and sea cargo.

Statistics of drugs seized by customs

2022 - 117.79 kg - MVR 200 million
2021 - 50.26 kg - MVR 223.53 million
2020 - 10.67 kg - MVR 17 million
2019 - 37.49 kg - MVR 48.54 million

Over the past four years, Customs detained 25 Maldivians for attempting to smuggle drugs. Customs also detained 13 Pakistanis, 10 Brazilians, and five Indians during the same period.