HDC publicizes list of Vinarest flat recipients

The provisional list of the recipients of the Vinares flats in Hulhumale' has been publicized.

At a Sunday press conference, the Housing Development Corporation (HDC) 's Managing Director Ahmed Athif said the corporation received 1,413 applications to purchase Vinares flats developed in Hulhumale' Phase II. Of these, 723 names have been released as flat recipients in the provisional list.

"Of these 723 applicants, those eligible for loans will be determined and approved," Athif said.

Athif noted that many applications were missing some key documents. These documents are important to ensure eligibility for the loan, he said. Those on the list whose documents are incomplete have been given five days to submit the documents.

Athif further said HDC has always given top priority to gaining the trust of the people.

"The opportunity to submit complaints has been opened even after publishing a provisional list. The HDC will hear the complaints of the people for the next three days from today and give a response," Athif said.

The HDC has also decided to hold an open day for the listed applicants to submit their financial statements. The open day will be held from December 6 to 12, from 9 am to 3 pm every day. Discussions will be held with flat recipients on an appointment basis, said HDC, adding that any communication and information sharing with recipients would be through the HDC portal and email only. HDC would not send text messages to any recipient, the corporation said.

While the provisional list of the Vinares flat buyers was announced today, the permanent list will be announced in February next year.