Customs seize 17 kg of drugs

Authorities have seized 17.26 kg of drugs smuggled into the Maldives by air.

The items were seized from the luggage of a 30-year-old Pakistani man who arrived in the Maldives by air on September 18. Maldives Customs Service said the luggage was searched due to suspicions regarding the man, and a suspicious substance was found in the initial sweep. Drugs that tested positive for heroin were discovered upon further searching, customs said.

The drugs seized weighed a total of 17.26 kg and had a street value of MVR 21 million.

According to customs, this is the sixth time this year that drugs have been seized during attempts to smuggle them into the country via air. A total of 55.405 kg of heroin has been seized by customs officers thus far this year.

The suspect and the drugs are now in police custody.