Nishama's death: Suspect attempts suicide

Suspect arrested in connection to Nishama Mohamed's death attempted suicide while in police custody.

A mother of three, 28-year-old Nishama Mohamed, was found dead in HDh. Nolhivaram island on Saturday. Her husband, Aboobakuru Faisal of Rosie Villa, ADh. Fenfushi was arrested in Kulhudhuffushi the same day when he handed himself over to the police.

Faisal, who had been remanded in custody for 15 days, attempted suicide while in the custody of Kulhudhuffushi police. The police said he was found attempting to commit suicide around 11.15 pm on Monday and is now being treated at Kulhudhuffushi Regional Hospital.

Nishama's family learned of her death when they went to her room in search of her when the family failed to contact either Nishama or Faisal by phone after Faisal posted photos of Nishama without her hijab on his Facebook page. The family opened the room by breaking the door. Faisal was in Kulhudhuffushi City when the news of Nishama's death became public. Police arrested Faisal after he handed himself over to the police.

A person speaking from Nolhivaram said Nishama's body had no external injuries. However, there were some signs of injury to her neck, some sources have said. The police said a post-mortem would be conducted on Nishama's body to determine the cause of death.