Ambulances provided to 127 islands by current gov't

Ambulances have been provided to 127 islands so far during the current presidential term, Presidential Spokesperson Miuwan Mohamed has said.

At a press conference held at the President's Office today, Miuwan said the islands to which ambulances were provided include islands receiving ambulances for the first time.

"These include islands where ambulances are being provided for the first time and islands to which ambulances were previously provided in name only. Ambulances were also provided to islands that were using other vehicles for ambulance services," Miuwan said.

The spokesperson further said the President's Office is monitoring the status of ambulances in the islands. Priority is given to islands without ambulances and islands where ambulances are in need of repair, he said.

Noting that there are islands with one ambulance depending on the island's population, Miuwan said efforts are made to resolve any issues that occur with the ambulances as soon as possible. Efforts are already underway to procure more ambulances, and 24 islands will be identified to receive the first batch of ambulances, he said.

Miuwan said the Japanese government has announced that the eight paramedic ambulances provided to the Maldives under a grant aid would be delivered to the Maldives within the next few weeks. Earlier this month, the State Trading Organization (STO) was also awarded a contract to supply 20 ambulances, and the work is underway under the contract, he added.