Will fix issues in provisional land recipient list: gov't

The problems in the provisional list of land recipients announced under the government's land owner program will be corrected in the permanent list, a government official said.

The provisional list of land recipients was released on Monday. While complaint submission is open until July 15, several issues have been identified in the list, including the inclusion of foreigners married to Maldivians and those that have acquired Maldivian citizenship.

A government official said the issues in the provisional list would be corrected before the permanent list is published.

"Usually, there will be problems in the provisional lists. We are open to complaints. These problems will be corrected in the permanent list," the official said.

The government has decided to give land to all eligible applicants under the landowner program. While 15,164 applications were submitted for 5,000 plots, 12,794 forms meet the eligibility criteria.