Final list of land plot recipients publicized

The final list of land recipients under the government's "Binveriya Scheme" has been published.

When the government publicized the provisional list, 10,314 people were listed as eligible. However, the number has increased to 18,955 on the permanent list. The Planning Ministry attributed this alteration to addressing complaints received about the provisional list and accommodating those who had previously submitted incomplete documents.

The ministry acknowledged that the final list omitted 684 unmarried individuals aged 18-25.

Details of land allocation are as follows:

4,000 sqft plots: 20 plots from Hulhumale, 9 plots from Gulhifalhu.
3,650 sqft plots: 31 plots from Hulhumale, 22 plots from Gulhifalhu.
3,250 sqft plots: 60 plots from Hulhumale, 49 plots from Gulhifalhu.
2,850 sqft plots: 100 plots from Hulhumale, 154 plots from Gulhifalhu.
2,450 sqft plots: 180 plots from Hulhumale, 476 plots from Gulhifalhu.
2,050 sqft plots: 370 plots from Hulhumale, 690 plots from Gulhifalhu, 487 plots for Giraavarufalhu.
1,650 sqft plots: 340 plots from Hulhumale, 558 plots from Gulhifalhu, 1904 plots for Giraavarufalhu.
1,250 sqft plots: 250 plots from Hulhumale, 260 plots from Gulhifalhu, 3041 plots for Giraavarufalhu.

The Planning Ministry has assured that essential services will be in place in the area before the land recipients are ready to inhabit their allocated plots.

The distribution of plots to individual recipients will be determined by a random draw, scheduled to take place at Galolhu Stadium on Tuesday. The Planning Ministry plans to finalize agreements with those who consent to the government's terms and conditions, issuing land registries during the present administration.

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih has committed to addressing the housing situation in the Malé region. The ‘Binveriyaa’ Housing Scheme represents the most comprehensive housing initiative ever undertaken in the country, reflecting the administration’s dedication to finding a solution to this pressing issue. This ambitious project aims to provide housing to residents and improve the overall quality of life in the region.