Will install two additional elevators at each Hiyaa Tower: Dr. Muizzu

Two additional elevators will be installed in each Hiyaa flat tower, President-elect Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has said.

A total of sixteen towers were constructed under the Hiyaa housing project during President Abdulla Yameen's administration. Currently, each Hiyaa tower is equipped with three elevators, which are often overcrowded during rush hours, leading to long waiting times.

In a meeting with Hiyaa flat residents on Friday evening, Dr. Muizzu highlighted that the outgoing government had provided the incoming administration with the opportunity to allocate funds in next year's budget for projects of their choice. In this regard, funds have been earmarked for installing two extra elevators in each Hiyaa tower, one designed as a stretcher or patient lift and the other capable of accommodating 14 people simultaneously, he said.

Installing more elevators in every Hiyaa tower is a presidential promise of Dr. Muizzu. He has also pledged to compensate Hiyaa flat owners for the expenses incurred to complete the interior work of their flats.