Maldives records 16 percent increase in tourist arrivals

The number of tourists visiting the Maldives so far this year has increased by 16 percent over the same period last year.

According to the statistics released by the Tourism Ministry, a total of 287,067 tourists visited the Maldives as of the 12th of this month. This is a significant increase of 16 percent compared to the 247,164 that visited the Maldives in the same period last year.

The largest number of tourists visited the Maldives thus far this year came from China. Chinese tourists account for 13.7 percent of total arrivals, with 39,205 tourists.

Russia followed closely behind with 28,163 tourists, while Italy and the UK trailed with 27,128 and 25,540 arrivals respectively. While India, which topped the source market last year, have contributed 20,535 visitors this year, other contributors include Germany with 17,333 arrivals, and France with 10,245 visitors. The United States, Poland, and Switzerland also contributed significantly, with 9,446, 7,676, and 6,421 tourists respectively.