'TTM Fair is of great importance to Maldives'

Maldives Marketing and PR Corporation (MMPRC) has declared that the Travel Trade Maldives (TTM) fair organised by Maldivian Getaways is of great importance to current Maldivian tourism.

In an interview with 'Avas', MMPRC Acting Managing Director, Haris Mohamed said that events can be organised in the Maldives to promote Maldivian tourism, and that the TTM Fair is an example of such an event.

"We (MMPRC) were the first to endorse the TTM Fair. We did this because it had great potential. Hosting such events is the most surefire way now to ensure the promotion of Maldivian tourism. We see this as a very important event," Haris said.

Organised by a Maldivian public relations company called Maldivian Getaways, the fair will be held this July. With the target of bringing in two million tourists within the next four years and increasing revenue from tourism to 3.5 billion dollars, the fair will include 150 travel agents from the Maldives and abroad, along with 100 resorts/tourist hotels and 50 journalists and PR firm representatives. Noted organisations are also set to take part in this fair.