Jausa to build 73 mixed-use housing units in Hulhumale

Jausa Investment has been contracted to build 73 mixed use residential housing units in the reclaimed suburb Hulhumale.

At a ceremony held in the main office of the Housing Development Corporation (HDC), Managing Director Ahmed Jahunad Jaufar signed the agreement on behalf of Jausa Investments. Signing on behalf of HDC was the company;s Managing Director, Mohamed Saiman.

While giving details regarding this project, an official of the HDC stated that 73 housing units of mixed-use will be built under the project, and that the flats have to be completed and handed over within 26 months. He informed that the flats will be built on the North-East of the Hulhumale Central Park.

A total of 18,000 flats are set to be built in Hulhumale.