JP leader admits attempt to rejoin govt

Jumhoory Party (JP) leader Gasim Ibrahim on Friday claimed that he wanted to work with the government and that he pleaded relentlessly to President Abdulla Yameen Abdul Gayoom to let his party work in alliance with the government.

Speaking at a meeting held at JP’s main party camp in Male, Gasim said that after the break-up of the ruling coalition, he still expressed interest in working with the government and requested for the ruling Progressive Party of Maldives’ (PPM) council to make a decision regarding the matter.

“I wanted to be on friendly terms and work with the government,” JP’s leader emphasised.

Gasim claimed that the president had initially shifted blame to the former PPM leader Maumoon Abdul Gayoom, claiming that a council meeting regarding the matter could not be held because he opposed it.

Further, he claimed that after the Civil Court ruled that PPM’s leader shall be president Yameen, he pleaded to the president again to let his party work with the government. However, his request was of no avail again, Gasim claimed.

“I pleaded to him again and again – I told him not to do this and to let our party work with the government because we really wanted to work alongside the government, instead of a separate entity,” Gasim said.