1438 Boduberu studio opens

The rising 'boduberu' sensation "1438" has officially opened their studio on Tuesday night.

The studio was officially opened by Deputy Minister of Youth Ministry Naif Shaukath and Chief Editor of Avas Online 'Mundoo' Adam Haleem.

In his speech at the opening ceremony, Haleem emphasized on leaving a legacy worth remembering before their time and on the importance of building one's self and make a name for themselves - his advice went out to all the youths.

Youth Ministry's Deputy Shaukath affirmed the support and assistance government is willing to provide in promoting arts and music, adding that despite the change of government his personal contribution in developing the community will go undeterred.

1438 is a newcomer to the famous boduberu industry that stroke an exciting chord within the younger generations during a time the activity's popularity was waning. The group helps youths and youngsters interesting in performing arts; mainly music, dance and singing in developing their skills to become professionals.

The boduberu - traditional Maldivian drums - group currently has four music bands and a dance group under its wing while they had carried out several success shows at different parts of Maldives and festivals.