Atlantic Records seek interviews with Maldives artists

International recording brand Atlantic Records is set to seek interviews of local artists - for possible record deals.

The major US recording label endorses renowned artists like Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars and the global sensation Coldplay among several other famous music acts.

The recording corporation's Vice President Brian St.Jones graced Maldives sometime around 22:00hrs on Wednesday night to pursue local acts. Jones mentioned it was his first time traveling to Maldives and informed media he would be acquiring information about the country and its musical culture as well as meet with local artists and performers.

Jones is expected to stay in Maldives for a duration of 8 days during which he would send out a public announcement seeking interested local music performers.

"I work with several famous artists, like Wiz Khalifa and Flo Rida and it would be a pleasure for me to get to know the Maldivian performers and their talents. To take that knowledge back to my homeland and share it with them and if possible invite talented locals there [US] for record deals," Jones said in his interview with the media.

The local company responsible for inviting Atlantic Records to Maldives, Maldives Island Reality Pvt Ltd aims to promote local musicians and performers to a global platform, according to its founder Amad Shaafee.

Shaafee had also revealed plans on introducing an official record label - internationally collaborated - as well as initiate a resort integrated project based on niche market findings.

"We are aiming to promote Maldives as destination between the international community of artists and celebrities as well as provide opportunities for local musicians to fly to US for knowledge sharing sessions with Atlantic Records," Shaafee said.