Survey shows tourists unhappy with food quality

Most tourists are not satisfied with the quality of food served in the Maldives, a survey has shown.

Maldives Association of Tourism Industry (MATI) had revealed the findings of the survey conducted through a private consultancy firm during its annual general meeting held at Kurumba Maldives resort on Monday.

According to the findings, most tourists who visit the premier tropical island destination believe that the quality of food is well below in comparison to other top holiday destinations. However, the findings revealed that the dissatisfaction was generally with guesthouses operated in inhabited islands as opposed to the resorts.

The survey showed that tourists from China, Europe and India were the most unhappy with the food served in the Maldives.

An official of the CDC consultancy firm which conducted the survey urged the tourism industry to seriously consider the findings.

"When tourists go back, they won't say that they stayed in a resort or a guesthouse. They would just say food in Maldives is not good. So we need to be wary of this fact. We need to really think about this when we promote Maldives as a premier holiday destination," the official said.

Despite a slump in recent years, Maldives enjoyed a much needed boost in tourist arrivals last year.