Housing Minister breaks 'usual silence' with stern comeback

Housing Minister Dr. Mohamed Muizzu has been regarded as a rather 'silent' senior government official when it comes to reciprocating to criticisms he is directed with.

Over the past four years, the incumbent government and president Abdulla Yameen had initiated several developmental projects and many have seen fruitful ends. To summarize the collective progress of Maldives, it is clear the most noteworthy achievements and the most progress have been made in infrastructural developments.

These fall under the supervision of Housing Minister Dr. Muizzu who often gets the 'beating end' of the stick from horde of critiques who lambaste him over 'inconsistencies' in these new development projects.

Often criticized for the repetitive work required in projects or post-project fixing, with such developmental setbacks coined with new addition to the local lingo - derived from the minister's very name to describe failure.

But Dr. Muizzu maintained a rather calm and collected attitude throughout all these incidents and public outrages over multiple projects.

The last of this came when a beam of the currently under-development 25-storey hospital was required to be widened.

Public opined and criticized over a concrete beam of the high-rise building getting widened after most of the structure's concrete work had concluded.

Dr. Muizzu breaking his usual 'silence' made a verbal comeback stating "too much of 'know-it-alls' could compromise a society beyond a fix."

While addressing to his stern reciprocation on Twitter, Dr. Muizzu spoke with Avas Online that his 'jab' was not directed at this single incident but to every other event where people criticized him without proper fact-checking.

A similar incident took place earlier last year when he was criticized regarding the China-Maldives Friendship Bridge when a Twitter user shared the picture of the trent-bridge with provocative comments.

Dr. Muizzu resorted to explaining the difference between a trent-bridge and a real one and adding the purpose of a such a structure almost shortly after the lambasting post made rounds in Twitter.