Housing Ministry warns surfers to avoid bridge vicinity

Housing Ministry on Monday has warned surfers to avoid the China Maldives Friendship Bridge vicinity, adding that action will be taken against individuals found 'trespassing' into the area.

Regarded as the surfing point of the capital city, surfers frequent the east-side lagoon where waves break constantly. However the ministry on March, 2017 had announced a complete cessation and prohibition on surfing at the area due to the development of the bridge linking the capital with the airport island; Hulhule'.

Though the regulation is still effective some of the local surfers can be spotted during late afternoon hours at the restricted zone.

In a statement released on Monday Housing Ministry had advised from surfers to avoid visiting the now restricted zone adding it was unsafe due to heavy vessels carrying machinery and equipment traveling across the area. These vessels travel between the trent-bridge stretching from Male' to Hulhule', carrying machinery and equipment required for the bridge's construction.

Due to hazardous nature and dangers posed to personal safety Housing Ministry had advised against surfing in the area, further adding necessary action will be taken against those found in violation of their regulation.