Sinamale' Bridge connecting roads to open on Thur

Housing Minister Dr. Mohamed Muizzu on Tuesday has confirmed the Sinamale' Bridge connecting roads - dubbed the ring-road project - are drawing close to completion and will be open for public transportation on Thursday, September 6.

Minister Dr. Muizzu updating the work progress on Twitter noted lane marking, light post installation and connecting adjoining roads are currently proceeding at a fast pace.

Earlier Housing Ministry claimed the newly asphalt installed roads will open up on September 3, but the ministry on Monday stated a few works remained before the roads can be opened for public transportation.

Under the ring-road project; the east-end of Boduthakurufaanu Magu - starting at Hulhumale' ferry terminal - has been installed with asphalt while the width of the road has been stretched to 12 meters adding four lanes.

The asphalt is installed up to the south-west end of Boduthakurufaanu Magu - at Marry Brown.

Sinamale' Bridge is scheduled to open for public transportation a day after on September 7.