Opposition criticizes govt's MVR46 mln bridge opening expense

The Maldives United Opposition - the multi-party coalition has strong lambasted the government's decision to spend MVR46 million on various celebratory activities to mark the opening Sinamale' Bridge.

Maldivian Democratic Party's (MDP) campaign spokesperson Mariya Ahmed Didi on Thursday stated Housing Minister Dr. Mohamed Muizzu refused to provide an exact answer to media raised inquiry on state's expenditure on bridge opening ceremony activities.

"Unofficially for fireworks, laser light-play and for other activities, in short for president Yameen's entertainment the state is expected to spend about USD3 million. This money comes from the tax paying citizen, and the amount is translated to MVR46 million," Mariya Ahmed Didi said during Thursday press conference.

She also claimed government is planning to 'waste' funds equivalent of providing shelter for 150 citizens as well as installation of two fully functioning sewerage systems at any two islands in the country.

Mariya Didi also stated that the state fund spend on celebratory activities could cover 80 scholarship opportunities as well.

Housing Minister Dr. Muizzu claimed unlike previous fireworks in Maldives, Thursday evening's event will be organized and executed by a world renowned group specializing in firework play.

Dr. Muizzu also assured the laser light-play planned for Thursday evening will be a great spectacle to witness as well.

State has decided to hold bridge opening celebratory activities spanning the next seven days; following Thursday evening's official opening ceremony.