Housing Ministry assures ring-road to open soon

The ring-road project is drawing inches close to completion and will be open for public transportation soon, claimed Housing Ministry on Monday.

Housing Ministry confirmed the ring-road development project is progressing in a fast pace, adding only minor works related to the road remain. However, the ministry did not disclose an exact date the roads will be open for public transportation.

Earlier the ministry had assured the belt ring-road project will conclude by September 2 while Housing Minister Dr. Mohamed Muizzu during a previous press conference confirmed the roads will be open before the Sinamale' Bridge opens for vehicle transportation on September 7.

While minister Dr. Muizzu strongly suggested the roads will be open for public latest by September 3, the roads still remain blocked for vehicles to transport.

The project consists of installing asphalt from east-end of Boduthakurufaanu Magu; starting from Hulhumale' ferry terminal stretching to the south-west end of the road near Marry Brown.