Fitr Eid prayer at capital city sports stadium

Islamic Ministry of Maldives confirms the Eid prayer will take place at the spacious ground of Maafannu district sports stadium much like in recent years.

Eid-ul-Fitr comes immediately after the last day of Ramadan, on the 10th month of Islamic Calendar; Sha'wwaal.

Regarded as a time of Muslim celebration after a whole month of religious devotion and prayer, Eid greets the Islamic community across the universe with a custom of sending and receiving gifts.

Islamic Ministry on Wednesday has released out a list of mosques that will hold the Eid prayer in 2018. Similar to the capital city, the reclaimed suburb - Hulhumale' - will hold Eid prayer at the open ground of Central Park.

Open grounds are chosen for Eid prayer due to the large number of people the prayer attracts as it takes place at the most early hours of day-break; giving opportunity to every Muslim to take part in it.

The ministry had also listed out 20 mosques across the greater Male' region that will be holding the Eid prayer on first of Sha'wwaal apart from the open grounds where the prayer will take place.