JP announces 203 vacancies in multiple committees

Jumhooree Party on Tuesday has announced a total of 203 vacancies in the party's various committees.

The party had introduced these new vacancies following the amendments brought to JP's general regulation during its congress in 2018. JP is expected to announce election on these designations as per the amended regulations.

Secretary General of JP Ahmed Sameer stressed while announcing the vacancies earlier Tuesday that interested individuals are required to submit their names in 10 days time, starting from Tuesday.

Sameer also noted that on the 15th day of the announcement members to the vacant designations or committees will be elected.

JP's amendment saw inception of several committees that will act as 'over-watch' units monitoring subsequent government bodies.

JP's newly formed committees include;

  • 01. Committee of Defense
  • 02. Committee of Home Affairs
  • 03. Committee of Foreign Affairs
  • 04. Committee of Tourism
  • 05. Committee of Finance
  • 06. Committee of Housing and Infrastructure
  • 07. Committee of Economic Development
  • 08. Committee of Legal Affairs
  • 09. Committee of Islamic Affairs
  • 10. Committee of Education
  • 11. Committee of National Planning and Communication
  • 12. Committee of Health
  • 13. Committee of Gender
  • 14. Committee of Social Security
  • 15. Committee of Youth and Sports
  • 16. Committee of Transport and Civil Aviation
  • 17. Committee of Fisheries
  • 18. Committee of Agriculture
  • 19. Committee of Human Resources and Labor
  • 20. Committee of Environment and Energy
  • 21. Committee of Arts and Culture Heritage
  • 22. Committee of Public Works

Other additional committees under JP include;

  • 01. Appeal Committee
  • 02. Disciplinary Committee
  • 03. Membership Committee
  • 04. Activity Committee
  • 05. Fund-raising Committee
  • 06. Campaign and Elections Committee

Earlier the party had elected members to vacant designations during the party's third conference held at Paradise Island Resort.